Deborah Arthur

Hello and welcome to my website.

I began the study of Metaphysics after a very painful divorce, in the late 1970’s.  I started to search for a way out of the mire that I found myself in.

During this time period, I came across a book, by the author  Ruth Montgomery, that set off a series of “bells and whistles” , an inner knowing, that on some level I knew this “stuff.”

Shortly thereafter, I had my first channeled private session with Julian, a Seraph Angel, channeled by June Burke.  Julian became both a mentor to me personally, and also expanded my quest for truth through the many channeled classes brought forth by June Burke. June is no longer with us, but many of Julian’s workshops are still available.

I felt an inner excitement and a strong desire to learn more.  I began a study of material by Hugh G. Carruthers  entitled  “Theological Science.”  and I also began to study the Edgar Cayce material, The Seth Material,  The Michael Teachings and anything that could further my understanding of who we are.

My search brought me to a series entitled “Awakening The Light Body” by Orin and Daben channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I was also  lead to the channeled teachings of The Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan and DK, through the channel Terri Newlon  and Katherine Wright Desai , among  others throughout the years.

During the course of these studies, I began to channel The Council of Light and The Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and I together began over the last number of years, to write a series of “Perspectives”  that I decided to put into a blog in order to share. Around the year 2012, the “Perspectives” became ” A New Day is Dawning.”

I continue to  share these, with whomever may be interested.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius  is now upon us.

The time has come to awaken not only to our highest potential but to the understanding that we are a brother and sisterhood of mankind and to the understanding that we are all one.

My goal is to help create understanding and world peace one person at a time, beginning with myself

My journey is your journey.

May we all create for ourselves, a life of peace and joy.



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*Deborah Arthur does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights and is in no way responsible for the interpretation of this material. The recipient is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in any channeled material. Channeled material presented through Deborah Arthur, is in no way meant to replace sound economical,political,medical, legal or any other advice and does not provide prophecy, or guaranteed accuracy on future predictions. The information is meant as a guideline only and to help Humanity better reflect upon themselves, where they have been, where they are now and where they potentially may be going. By asking for or otherwise acquiring this material, you agree to use your own discernment, and you release Deborah Arthur from any and all legal or moral responsibility.

NOTE: When reading channeled messages it is important to trust your own guidance, to use discernment, and if guided, to invite a direct connection with the energy field being channeled.